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Olive Tree People - my hyperpigmentation journey

The future of beauty is waterless - my journey with hyperpigmentation/melasma

hydroxytyrosol, hyperpigmentation, melasma

You don't want to miss this beauty secret, trust me. As soon as I tried these product I knew I was going to love them, but I had no idea just how much they would actually help to HEAL my skin.

I was told that I would have to invest in expensive laser treatments to treat my hyperpigmentation/melasma that had accumulated during my pregnancy, and then I found these highly powerful antioxidant based products that help to combat the inflammation in your skin and your body.

It may have just launched in the US, but this beloved German brand has been around for 20+ years....

And the most famous super model in the world used these products throughout her entire pregnancy.

What makes Oliveda different from conventional beauty... and even most waterless brands? We use a highly effective antioxidant & anti-inflammatory compound extracted from the olive leaf called hydroxytyrosol instead of the 70% water most brands use in their products.

So what's wrong with using water?

If you check the ingredient list of any skincare or personal care product in your bathroom cabinet, chances are you'd find 'aqua' listed as the first ingredient.

Water is a breeding ground for bacteria, meaning when a product has the first ingredient as water, it is also pumped full of preservatives - which can not only be irritating, but could also may be a culprit of hormonal disruptors, carcinogens and inflammation.

When you remove the water, there are going to be less preservatives, a boost in active ingredients, and making the product more potent and allowing for greater hydration... and it makes the product more sustainable.

Our globally unique holistic beauty molecule and elixir, which can only be found in our mountain olive trees, replaces the 70 % water content, which is normally used in skin care products, while also replacing the standard percentage of refined and thus "dead oils" in emulsions with our highly active, bioactive Arbequina oil, which is similar to the lipids of our skin, supporting its regenerative power.

Oliveda is in ground floor launching stages in the US, meaning that if you are here, and you become a consultant, you are one of the first.

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