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Turns out… 🦋

At 8 weeks, we decided to take the sneak peak blood test. We did this in the doctors office, and had a gender reveal with close friends, and we were told “you all are having a BOY!”

As some of you all know, this pregnancy was not planned, in all honesty, we had decided not to have kids at all, so it has been a journey to say the least, and for me personally I have had extreme issues around body image, becoming a mom, and who I am going to be.

Anyways, we had decided on Conrad James for our little boy. I have worked hard and prayed every day since finding out we were pregnant about being a good mom, trying to enjoy this journey and loving my body, but it’s HARD WORK… and I was starting to get used to seeing our future life with baby Conrad!

But at my 20 weeks anatomy scan we were surprised to find out, baby Conrad was in fact a baby girl. It was then I went ahead with the genetic testing to make sure our baby was healthy because a blood test being wrong is rare.

Those two weeks playing the waiting game were extremely LONG, but I continued to pray.

Our second blood test came back and we are officially having a healthy baby girl, Blakely Love O’Brien.

Terrified but excited I will have a little bestie boujee cutie queen forever, and Austin is going to make the best girl dad!



Hi Cutie 

Hi friends! My name is Mignon (yes like the filet), and I'm a 30-year-old mom-to-be who just made the move from Chattanooga, TN to St. Petersburg, FL to be closer to the ocean...

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