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Vegan BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potato & Broccoli

this dish was so much yum, stuffed with bbq chicken for my hubby

Ingredients for Sweet Potato:

  • medium sweet potato (as many as you have people)

  • BBQ Jackfruit ( I use Upton's Naturals)

  • pulled chicken I you are a meat eater

  • red onion for topping

  • green onion for topping

  • bbq sauce (I use Hoff bbq sauce) - for chicken and topping

  • vegan ranch or ranch for topping

Ingredients for Broccoli:

  • Olive Oil

  • salt & pepper

  • garlic powder

  • onion powder

  • red pepper flakes


  • prep: scrub your sweet potatoes and prick 4-5 times with fork, chop your red onion & green onion

  • put 1.f cup water in your instant pot and place sweet potatoes on the trivet.

  • According to size, set your timer and pressure on high (see picture below) & cook

  • While your Sweet Potatoes are cooking, cook the jackfruit according to packaging

  • If you are eating chicken, place your chicken in a pot and boil until done & shred (15-20 min), add the bbq sauce

  • Prep your broccoli (olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic powder, onion powder & red pepper flakes to taste). Put in air fryer with 1 tbsp of water, fry on 350 F for 6 minutes

  • Split your sweet potato in half, stuff with jackfruit or chicken, top with onions, extra bbq sauce and ranch, add the side of broccoli and enjoy!

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